Arriving at your Destination

  • Make immediate contact with Interport's partner to schedule delivery of your shipment. If you are experiencing difficulties contacting our partner at destination, you should contact Interport immediately to avoid any additional port charges. On most occasions, we would have already send details about your shipment to our partner so that they would also get in touch with you.
  • Be sure to tell them of any parking restrictions or difficult access so that the delivery crew can come prepared.
  • If there's a change of plan, and you require additional services or have special instruction, please contact Interport and we will arrange it for you.
On the Delivery Day
  • Meet your crew supervisor and plan to stay the whole day.
  • As the cartons and furniture are unloaded from the container and brought into your home, you will check off the packing inventory sheet.
  • Sign the inventory list to confirm that you have received all the items listed. Make note of any exceptions and notify our overseas partner and Interport immediately.
  • If you have insured with us and wish to file a claim, the insurers will normally acknowledge your claim within 3 days. Most claims are settle within 30 days.
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