Transit Insurance

Interport's crew will pack everything safely for your shipment. Whilst the packing techniques we employ are specifically designed to provide the ultimate protection to your goods during transit, instances do arise whereby damages can occur due to shipping container, vessel, planes, and other modes of transportation.

To give you a peace of mind, we would naturally recommend that you take up transit insurance during the move and also for the period your goods are stored.

Interport's transit insurance program is specially designed for international household goods shipment, including automobiles for comprehensive replacement cover. This is the best program in the market as it gives you a high level of protection for your household belongings.

This is a comprehensive insurance coverage which is also known as All risks insurance. The cover will usually pay claims for the loss or damage to all or any part of your shipment up to your nominated value. Alternatively, items may be repaired or replaced if appropriate.

To enhance this transit insurance program, we have arranged with the insurers to provide additional optional protection.

•  Electrical and mechanical derangement

•  Pair and sets derangement

•  Mold and mildew

Decide whether you need this additional protection with your Interport consultant.

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Transit Insurance Proposal Form

Simply complete the Transit Insurance proposal form provided in the confirmation packet. This proposal form is designed to make it simple for you to complete. All you need to do is to complete your nominated replacement values in the spaces provided and return it signed before the pick up date. Instructions and details of coverage are on the form, so please read them carefully. However, if you feel the proposal form is too restrictive, you may compile a more detailed list that will be attached to this proposal form.

There are two important instructions, we would like to highlight to you.

Under Insurance (co-insurance clause)
All international insurance companies have co-insurance clause in their polices. If any items are under-insured and a claim arises, then any compensation would be reduced proportionately. It is in your own interest to make every efforts to insure your goods at full replacement value at destination.

High Value Items
High value items valued at over US$500.00 per item or set must be specifically declared and valued. High value items are defined as, but not limited to antique, object of art, carpets, furs, china, crystal, and photographic equipment, collections of records, tapes or pictures.

With our years of experience, we have negotiated the most comprehensive transit insurance coverage to provide all our customers high level of protection. However, please take note that many moving companies offer "Indemnity Cover" which means that in the event of loss or irreparable damage, "Indemnity Cover" will pay claims after deducting allowance for age, condition and wear and tear. The compensation they receive is very much less. With Interport's transit insurance program, you receive full cover for your precious belongings.

Storage Cover
Interport's transit insurance provides up to a reasonable free storage protection at origin and destination, provided the shipment is stored in an enclosed warehouse appointed by Interport. Should your removal require storage of your goods, it is possible to obtain an extension for an additional premium. This ensures your goods are covered during storage period.

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Interport Executive's transit insurance is underwritten by American Home Assurance Company, a member company of the American International Group (AIG). They are an "A++" rated insurance company with representative offices in most countries of the world.

Fortunately, most Interport's moves are trouble-free. However, there are times when loss or damage do occur. If you discover any discrepancies to your shipment, you should notify Interport in writing immediately and we will ensure that the claim process is managed expediently.

In the event that you wish to file a claim, please take the following steps:

  1. Any damage or shortage should be noted on the packing list and delivery order at the time of delivery.
  2. You should notify Interport as well as our overseas partner in writing, advising of the damage and/or loss within 7 days from the date of delivery.
  3. Upon notification, our claims representative will promptly send you a claim form. When you receive a claim form, fill it up as completely as possible. Please courier or airmail your completed claim form to our underwriter's representatives within 30 days. Retain a copy for your records.

Resolution of your claim will begin immediately upon receipt of your claim form. It is in your interest to send your claim documents at your earliest convenience.

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