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Expat Living's Interview on Interport's Customers

May 2005
Richard and Mariko Allen, England and Japan

EL: Describe the circumstances of your recent move.
MA: We've used Interport three times now. The first time was outbound to the UK in 1999. Two years of grey skies later, Interport unpacked everything when we returned to Singapore, staying at Costa Rhu. And in October 2003, we moved to The Balmoral and used Interport for a local move.

EL: Briefly outline what other moves you have made, either within Singapore or internationally.
MA: I arrived in Singapore in 1996 after a seven year assignment in San Francisco. My move to the US in 1990 was simple – seven boxes; moving out from the US was a bit more complex, but it was only after I moved to Singapore, we got married and discovered the wonderful Indonesian teak furniture available here that moving started to get serious!

EL: Is anything distinctive about your move story that readers might find interesting or learn from?
MA: Our current apartment is a duplex on the 3rd and 4th floor, without a lift. Having acquired several large and heavy pieces of Indonesian teak furniture, getting everything up the stairs was quite a challenge – to the point that I thought one of the crew was going to end up being sacrificed!

EL: Were you happy with your relocation process overall?
MA: We first used Interport after a recommendation from a neighbor. We have always found the service offered by Maryanne Teo and her team to be first rate and reasonably priced when compared to the competitors. After three moves, we have had no breakage or damage to any of our furniture or valuables. We've found the team of packers and movers to be hardworking, conscientious, open to suggestions, and always willing to take 'special care' with particular items on request. When we moved from the UK, we found the local London packing team lacking – our expectations had been set to a high level by Interport!

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May 2004
Andree Weschler

EL: How many moves have you done?
AW: We have done five in total, comprising two international moves to Tokyo and then back to Singapore again and three local moves switching apartments.

EL: Who did you use for your last move?
AW: We got quotes from about five movers, including Santa De, Allied Pickfords and Interport. We liked the care and attention to how we wanted to move that Interport showed – in particular Maryanne who coordinated everything for us. Interport asked us a lot of questions about the move and about us as personally – they conducted a thorough interview with us. In the end, we understood that they were doing their homework to make sure that there was a good match between our personalities and between the team that would come together and do the move. As a result, we had a great team from Interport that came and helped us, which made a big difference.

EL: How was their service?
AW: Interport was great before, during and even after the move following up to make sure that everything was OK. Their attention to detail even surpassed our expectations. In our international moves, their partner in Japan turned out to be great as well and that helped in our trust in using them again, knowing that they have great partners.

EL: What added services did they provide?
AW: They provided a lot of extras, particularly in paying special attention to the art pieces that we have as they knew how nervous we were about them. Their packing was well-made, organized and innovative and no matter what the object was they always found a way of getting it done – I'm an artist, so we have many fragile items that I get nervous about moving.

EL: Interport obviously impressed you; will you be using them again in the future?
AW: We would of course use them again given the trust we have in them moving our personal things. Trust and workmanship is what it comes down to at the end of the day… so we'll definitely look at using them for our future moves.

EL: What makes them a good mover in your eyes?
AW: The team at Interport are caring and sensitive people who understand the stress of moving. They take away a lot of worries with their professionalism and friendliness.

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May 2003
Michelle Acharya

EL: When it came to moving who did you call?
MA: Having used Interport on two previous occasions and being extremely pleased with their service, we are more than confident that Maryanne Teo and her team of professional movers can do the job again.

EL: Were you happy with the kind of service they provided?
MA: Their willingness to accommodate all our many requests like extra packing for certain items or dismantling a 7ft. dining table and carrying it down 10 flights of stairs because it was too big to fit in the lift and doing it all without a complaint is what made us realize that we had the right people for the job!

EL: What was the quality of their packing/packaging like?
MA: As for the quality of their packing and packaging, I believe that this is where the real test is. On our previous move out of Singapore, our entire shipment was going into storage for one year. You can imagine my joy when we returned to Singapore, unpacked and found that every item from sofa, dining table to the smallest ornament was in tact and in perfect condition. As for finding the right places for the furniture around the apartment, Richard, the team leader and his men were more than happy to move the furniture around the place until we found the right spots for each piece!

We would definitely use Interport again. I cannot stress enough how professional Maryanne and her team are. It is nice to work with people who know their “stuff” back to front and know that listening to you and accommodating your requirements is the most important part of the move.

Thank you Maryanne and all the team at Interport for having made our previous moves so easy… we look forward to another easy move in May!

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