Loading and Shipping Method

Your Interport consultant will help you identify the shipping method that best suits your needs. There are various different methods:

Loading Sea Shipments
Shipment by sea is the most preferred method as it is economical and it doesn't take too long in today's modern shipping.

LIFTVAN METHOD: This method is a must for those requiring storage. Liftvans are packed directly into container. Interport also uses liftvans, when the shipment does not fill a container.

GROUPAGE METHOD: Your shipment is consolidated with others in a shared container. It takes a little longer to fill up the whole container. If you are not in a rush, this method is perfect. This will save you money.

DIRECT CONTAINER METHOD: Individually packed items are loaded directly into your secured shipping container. We will close the container door and seal the container with the seal provided by the shipping line and thereafter transport the container to the terminal. It is not only safe, but also a cost-effective way to send large volumes.

Loading Air Shipments
Shipment by air will get your goods to your destination very quickly, but it is the most expensive method. Sending a small shipment of essential items in advance of the sea shipment can offer better value. All items are loaded into airvans for safe transportation.

Peninsula Malaysia (By road)
If you are moving to Malaysia, one of the better options is to go by road. Generally, transportation by road is faster than by sea shipment. We are able to fix the delivery date and time to suit to your schedule. We can arrange for your shipment to be transported directly to your new residence in Kuala Lumpur, Penang or many other cities/towns in Malaysia.

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