Interport Executive's Customer Testimonials

Mr. Decio Teixeira Brazilian Embassy
The best quotation and competence with excellent services. The overall speed and process was very well-organized. While others told me that I needed 2 x 40' containers for my shipment, I chose to trust Interport's accurate survey with their specialized PDA program that I only need 1 x 40' High-cube container. Everything fitted in right to the door and I was very impressed! The efforts laid out to assist me in my move to Sao Tome & Principe was also impressive.
Mr. Chris Garland Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
Richard, Mohan, Aziz, Hamid, Wan & Ekos went out of their way to take care of our goods and to please us. Maryanne and Alvin are a delight to deal with!
Mr. Martin McKenna ABN Amro Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
We found the crew to have many years of experience in packing and they showed me they did a fantastic job. The crew is outstanding and professional.
Ms. Lynn Roslan GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd
Ismady, the supervisor has good understanding of my needs and the surveyor is flexible to all requests. Interport is the best movers I ever had in my 5 times moving and I will use Interport again.
Mr. Gerard Berote Degussa (SEA) Pte Ltd; Frankurt, Germany
Everything went smoothly. Richard organized everything perfectly. I was worried if the container would leak but Richard told me he checked it personally and I trusted him.
Mr. Kurt Schreiber Marsh, Inc.
The team of four work very well and were patient and considerate to my household. They packed very good with their experience and I will inform the rest of the employees to use Interport for their future relocations. Job well done!
Mr. Thomas Collins Gulf Marine Far East
The packers took care as if they were packing their own belongings. Richard was quite knowledgeable and Benson answered all of our questions with great patience.
Mr. Geir Hoay Kongsberg Maritime
Interport packers were wonderful and they are extremely helpful. As a VP, I have moved many times all around the whole world and this is the best moving I had experienced.
Mrs. Heather Lees BP Singapore
Great team of packers and fantastic job. The whole packing goes very well and the supervisor was very well in control of the move. Good job!
Ms. Sarah Kinslow Tanglin Trust School
Alvin and the team have been stars. Could have been a very stressful affair but I was calm the whole time.
Mr. Alan Moore Asia Assets
A very professional approach from start to finish. The packing supervisor (Richard) took great care to explain everything in great detail and to take care of our possessions. Our very best experience of all our many moves.
Mr. D.A. Hughes William Communication
Very smooth. The guys work very hard and really know exactly what they are doing. They give me great confidence. The general organization is good and really works.
Mr. Choi Beng Kin Royal Bank of Canada
Richard is very professional & friendly. Everyone was very good at what they did. The move was very smooth and I am very impressed.
Mr. Lu Ping Chiang Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co.
The crew is very fast with their job and packed professionally of all my household goods. The supervisor explains to me on the first day how they are going to do the packing and I find I have selected the right relocations company.
Mr. Rainer Gloeckner Grenzebach BSH Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Interport's crew show me they look very professional and they do a very good packing for my shipment. I will sure pass the message to all my friends.
Mr. Eberhard Rauch Marche International Ltd
Richard, the supervisor is very professional and he controlled the whole packing job very well. The other crew also know their job and they all done an excellent packing for me. My wife and me will share our experience with all friends.
Mr. Brian Challis Exsif Worldwide, Inc
The packing crew were excellent. Able to handle my household goods well and maintaining good packing. This is the best packing I had so far and I hope at destination is also as good as in Singapore.
Mr. Andrew Taylor Pepperl-Fuchs (S) Pte Ltd
Very well-organized. The packing crew were very professional dealing all my furniture and they inform me from time to time how they handle some of my expensive collections items. I will remember to introduce Interport to all our friends in Singapore. Well done!
Mr. Graeme Morrison
World Access Asia Pte Ltd
The whole packing went very smooth and quick. I am sure my shipment will go professional in U.K and I will pass the message to my company HR to use Interport for other moves of my colleagues.
Ms. Susan Johnston World Access Asia Pte Ltd
The supervisor and crew are very professional. They know their job well and I have confidence that my shipment will arrive in good hands.
Mr. Erik Risdal SeaBreeze International Pte Ltd
I was very happy the crew were very professional and carried out the job without any problem. Richard is very professional and he told me he has 20 overs years of packing experience in the moving business.
Mr. Barrie Lovell-Davis Tuthill Singapore
The team leader and team worked well together and helped us in decision-making – where to go where.
Ms. Sarah Liegois Seureca Asia
The crew were very professional and they explain to me how they packed all my expensive items. I will use Interport again the next time when I am back to Singapore.
Mr. Jonathan Steitz E. A. Sch of Theology
The crew was very professional and they sure know their job well. James was very careful of his work and he kept on telling the rest of the crew to be careful of our household goods.
Ms. Jean Johnson  
I thought it would be a nightmare because I didn't think I had prepared enough but they were great and helped me through it. Thank you.
Mrs. Mariam Thomas  

Great move! Richard was very particular about packing & explaining to me the procedure. He was intelligent and answered all questions well.

Mr. Mike Taylor Bata Shoe (S) Pte Ltd
Very satisfied with all the move from the initial contact through to the final loading.
Mr. Gary Downie Philip Cornes (SEA) Pte Ltd
Staff efficient and courteous. Richard was very organized and I have no hesitation in recommending.
Ms. Bhavini Vyas Chatsworth International School
Karen was very helpful and the crew did a great packing job. The crew was very hardworking and friendly.
Dr. Marc William Alan Edge NTU
The service from Interport is excellent and the packing crew was very professional on their job. The supervisor controls the move very well and I will share my experience with all my friends.
Mr. Anthony Clark BPP Pte Ltd
The packing went perfect and the crew show professionalism in their job. They packed most of my collection in the correct way and I was happy.
Mr. Darin Kennedy Micron Technology
Everything went very smoothly! The packing crew did a very good job and all were very hardworking. I will use Interport again the next time when I am transfer back to work in Singapore.
Mr. Clive Taylor
Pacific Rim Palm Oil Pte Ltd
Move proceeded very smoothly and professionally done. Richard is very professional and he explains the whole packing to me on the job. Well done!
Mrs. Cheryl Roudnew  
The packing crew was the hardest workers I have seen in 14 years in Singapore. I will remember to inform all my friends in Singapore to request a quotation from Interport.
Mr. Robert Keith Rapa Asia Baptist Theological Seminary
Great job and quick. The staffs were courteous and co-operative.
Mr. Jonathan Matthew Ross                                          Homag Asia
Kumar and his team are very helpful and courtesy. Thank you for sending a professional crew.

Mr. Phil Osborne                                                          

Datacraft Asia Ltd
Very efficient, very pleasant staff, very organized fashion.
Ms. Yap Yock Moi Jessie                                             Tyco International Asia

The staff are most helpful and gone out of their way to assist me. I highly recommend them!

Mr. Simon Wise                                                    

Jones Lange Lasalle

Very good, helpful and efficient.

Mr. Julius John Batty                                       

The staff at Interport were first class. Friendly, courteous and efficient. We will definitely be utilizing your services when we leave Singapore.

Mr. Erik Miller                                                                        

Kyzen Corporation Singapore R.O.

Overall good and happy.

Mr. Michael Drury                                                         

Edelman Public Relations

Superb Service – Thank you!

Mr. Reimar Friedrich                                                           

Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd

Singapore side was very helpful.

Mr. Winston Ho                                       

Ricky and team have been very helpful and provide excellent service!

Mrs. Michelle Senften                              

Thorpe TBWA Asia Pacific

Excellent Singapore crew!

Mr. Robert and Linda Seet                                         

Never have any problems moving with your company!

Mr. Brett Vernon Ransome                                            Fraser Diving

All staff very helpful – excellent service!

Mr. Thomas Giering                                          Teradyne Singapore Ltd

It arrived just in time - very good.

Dr. Mohsen Shafaei                                                          

Siemens Pte Ltd

This is a very smart and friendly crew. They did a great job! Thank you.

Mr. Andrew Campbell                                                           

Omni Whittington

Very happy with service in Singapore.

Mr. Jurgen Bayer                      

Herrenknecht (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Very good service! Thank You!

Mr. Swen Vetters                                                        

Munich Reinsurance

Thank you for the excellent and friendly service.

Mr. Martin Everett                                        

Very pleased with efficient, friendly and helpful service. Thank you.

Mr. Rupert Vaughan-Williams                                         

The Interport staff were very thorough and helpful.

Mr. Howard Owen Hunter                                           Mind Spring

Excellent delivery service by Interport.

Mr. Andreas Bodemer                                               

Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd.

Friendly and helpful staff.

Mr. Warwick Brett Meuli                                         

Canadian International School

Very happy with everything.

Mr. Robert James Hastings Riggs                   

Quintus R.P. Office

Excellent Service all round.

Mr. William Rogerson                    

International Mission Board

Excellent and courteous staff. It was a joy to work with them.

Ms. Celeste Corey                                                       

International Mission Board

They took care and listened to my instructions – Thank you.

Mr. Richard Benkovic                                          Jord International

Extremely helpful and efficient staff. Thank you.

Mr. Juan Hoong Lim                                        

It was a great experience, job well done. Keep it up.

Mr. Christopher Koh                   

Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Good quality service from the guys of Interport!

Mr. Paul Fewtrell                                         

Most courteous, hard-working guys and will recommend to my friends!

Mr. Kenneth  Fleming                                         

Very efficient and very pleasant staff.

Ms. Judith Guy                                         

The crew that unpacked the boxes were extremely polite, helpful and careful. Job well done.

Mr. Sarang Karkhanis                  

Very fast and efficient. Excellent Service.

Mr. Aylwin Tan                                                                                                     Economic Development Board, Singapore

The Singapore end was excellent.

Mr. Brian Buchan                                       

1st class service!

Mrs. Ang Lay Khim, Joan

Ricky, Kumar and his team did a very good job. Speedy and helpful. Will let you pack again when we leave Singapore. Thank you.

Mr. Thomas and Jung Hun Pulver                                       

Ricky and his crew did an excellent job, being courteous and careful with our precious belongings. A very good crew.

Mr. Thomas Stottmeister                                         

Many thanks to Ricky and his team. Excellent job! Very well-organized, quick and satisfactory!

Mr. Tan See Chee                                         

I will not hesitate to use Interport's service again!

Mr. Soh Chin Teck                                        

Grateful to Richard for his kindness and help. Thank you.

Mr. Michael Destienne                                        

Your company provided excellent service and the staff was very courteous.

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